coming to believe in the right to keep trying…

I’ve come to realize that I’m in love with the idea of being in love. One day I’ll meet someone, spend time getting to know them, know that what I’m bringing to the table is secure and transparent, and then slowly over time if we were at ease in each other’s company (it will be unmistakable) I’ll take a chance on seeing if they’re interested in taking the relationship to another level.

Apparently this is part of what they call courtship and dating with boundaries and self-awareness. Bringing a set of principles and wants (but no expectations other than to be treated with respect and dignity), and seeing if they are compatible with the other person.

I’ve never done this – I’ve merely found the other part of the “broken-me” and was made whole for a while…

I love life, I truly do… I have until the last breath I draw to try and get it “right”, if I fall short I want to say that at least I tried my best…

About jawkneewockuh1

wayward soul, in search of a way to diminish the "self" and restore my birthright connection to the Source...
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