Obstinancy and self-righteousness hinder my forgiveness.  Ironically, I pray for the ability to forgive those whom I have harmed with my selfishness and indifference to their overall well-being.

They say you can’t love another if you don’t love yourself.  Is this true? What if you try to the best of your ability to forgive others by  honoring and loving their “human”-ness? I would imagine a sustained effort in this endeavor would heal old wounds more thoroughly than simply repeating an “I love me” mantra. 

This is for me: Love and forgive, or hate and resent for the remainder of my days. 

Seek to grow in presence and compassion, or die a cowardly death buried in a shroud of self. 

Be honest and charitable, reliable and trustworty, kind and forgiving, fair and merciful, or destroy all I see and feel before someone else’s perilous life-plan brings about my demise.



About jawkneewockuh1

wayward soul, in search of a way to diminish the "self" and restore my birthright connection to the Source...
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